SAGALINK Consulting aims at advising clients with a tailored business approach and a thorough knowledge of their competitive environment. Effective support and added-value can only be achieved with a deep industry expertise and strong operational skills.


SAGALINK Consulting participates in projects ranging from strategic planning to operational implementation. We support our clients in their business development: business set-up, development / expansion of new services or products, partnerships research, competitive analysis, etc. We work with them on their organizational change: redesign and optimization of processes, organization or tools, etc. We help them to comply with regulatory issues: application for agreements, legal compliance, audit and risk management, etc.

SAGALINK Consulting stands out of the crowd with its commitment to offer its clients a dual expertise in business and consulting. Our dedicated and customized approach provides an effective added value on the following topics:

Technical expertise

We carry out major transformation projects for our clients. With our knowledge of the entire value chain, we bring them the necessary expertise on the issues of insurance management. We work on leading missions such as:

  • Assistance with the regulatory due diligence in the acquisition of a banking institution (Compliance and Internal Control – CRBF 97-02)
  • Assistance for the evolution of an offer in insurance management for institutional clients

Regulatory monitoring and impact analysis

We help our clients in the integration of complex regulations and to ensure compliance. From the identification of regulatory issues, through a review of the state of play to the final implementation, we work with leading financial institutions on missions such as:

  • Definition of the components of a “Solvency II” offer for asset managers and institutional investors : market analysis, regulatory requirements and implementation of the offer
  • Compliance with PACTE regulations: operational implementation, organization and review of processes

Creation and transfer of activity

We perform on behalf of our clients opportunity studies related to the creation, enrichment or outsourcing of service offer. Strong of our anchoring in the universe of the asset management, of our regulatory watch and our mastery of the whole value chain, we carry out missions such as:

  • Feasibility study of a pan-European pension fund linked to unit insurance contract with compartments allowing the management of tax specificities across participating countries
  • Feasibility study of an offer for the outsourcing of the accounting and valuation of French insurance portfolios. Market study and competitive positioning