SAGALINK Consulting positions itself as a leading player of operational strategy and management consultancy for asset management, private banking, insurance, and investor services business. We are known for our strong values and notable business expertise.


Notre Histoire

Our history

Convinced that mastering consulting techniques is not sufficient anymore to meet the challenges of the financial industry, and that the business expertise is becoming an outstanding advantage in the conduct of cross-functional projects, Thierry Decourrière and Natacha Buard founded in 2009 a specialized consulting firm, able to create the link between the projects and the business of the clients.

Notre Projet

Our vision

SAGALINK Consulting supports the values and ambitions of its partners. Our corporate culture fosters flexibility and dialogue in order to develop innovative and sustainable business solutions. In the rapidly evolving economic and regulatory environment of the financial industry, SAGALINK Consulting helps you better understand the topics that matter and their impacts on your organization.

Notre Positionnement

Our positioning

From the beginning, SAGALINK Consulting is specialized in asset management, private banking, insurance, and investor services business. Our expertise in these four interrelated business areas allows us to understand the key challenges across the whole value chain, to identify the best leverages, and to make our recommendations with conviction.

Notre Positionnement

And Beam

In 2022, SAGALINK Consulting decided to open a new page in its history by joining forces with Beam Advisory to create a new player dedicated to financial services. The ambition of this new group: to become the leading independent French firm in the sector. These two firms, benefiting from great business expertise and in-depth knowledge of the challenges of the financial sector, will be able to support their clients in large-scale transformation projects and provide them with an amplified intervention capacity.

Un Professionnalisme Reconnu

A recognized professionalism

We capitalize on our knowledge of the business to offer a different approach, combining common sense and perspective. During our missions, we aim at providing a practical dimension to what we deliver. We share this goal with our clients at the very beginning of our assignments.



SAGALINK Consulting capitalizes on the operational experience of its consultants and their knowledge of the financial industry.